Guess what – I just bought the farm!

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Guess what – I just bought the farm! History tells us that when a military jet crashes on a farm the farmer typically gets the government to pay off the mortgage on that farm.  And thus the saying, “He bought the farm” refers to someone dying.  But then there’s the positive side of just deciding to have a small farm.  I’ve got an opportunity where you might just be able to do that – for $300. Do you think the benefits of homeschooling outweigh the costs?  And How can we nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of our children? How do you feel … Read More

The Devil said what?

At just 21 years of age, Benjamin personally selected the members of a small group of about 12 guys he called the Junto.  All of the members lived in Philadelphia and they represented a rather diverse spectrum of businesses.   And they were not some elite, white-collar group.  They were just regular working guys who wanted to enrich their lives in every way possible.  The club met on Friday nights, first in a tavern and later in a house, to discuss moral, political, business and scientific topics of the day. Benjamin Franklin unleashed his amazing talents as a result of spending … Read More