Unemployed – or ready to launch?

5 Steps To Break the Cycle of Losing

Losing a job can lead to anger, resentment, guilt and depression.  I once worked with a gentleman who lost his job and tried to reposition himself and do a job search. He quickly became discouraged after just a few days with no success.  Then he started hiding out from his wife, pretending to be doing a job search, while in reality he was going to the library to surf the Internet and read magazines.  He consoled himself in fast food and high sugar snacks and quickly added about 25 pounds.  This, in turn, made him self-conscious about his weight and … Read More

You’re Fired

One day in 1990, A.K. Verma went on what you might call “extended” leave from his job as a senior electrical engineer at India’s Central Public Works Department. He hasn’t shown up for work since. And it finally caught up to him: Verma was sacked for his absence — on Jan. 8, after 25 years as a no-show.  He did ask for a leave but then just never came back.  I can’t imagine a company having its hands tied in not being able to fire a dude like this.  The only business model that works is if a person can choose … Read More

Beat the Job-Loss Blues

We can’t control circumstances, but we can control our responses! No matter how it happens, a job loss is painful.  Maybe you were caught up in a corporate downsizing – it’s nothing personal.  Maybe it was personal; your boss was an insensitive jerk who didn’t recognize your talent.  Either way, it’s easy to start questioning your self-worth at such a time.  You may wonder if you’ll end up homeless, never to contribute in a meaningful way to civilization again.  In 30 days, your savings will be depleted.  Are your old office workers laughing behind your back?  Are your neighbors looking … Read More

Are you afraid of losing your job?

[note color=”#FDD017″]Terry Hadaway is the author of Live Your Why (www.liveyourwhy.net) and founder of My Thinking Box (www.mythinkingbox.com). Terry is active in the 48days.net community and is an accomplished writer, gifted speaker/communicator, and adjunct university professor. You can follow him on Twitter @terryhadaway. If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.[/note] According to a recent survey, 19% of American workers are afraid of losing their jobs within the next six months. Almost 40% say they fear not being able to get another job with comparable pay and benefits. American creativity and ingenuity have been stifled by the notion that someone owes us … Read More