So you think you can coach……..

No this is not like So You Think You Can Dance.  We’re not going to have you come up on stage and perform for 3 minutes.  But we can help you walk through those first 48 hours of actual paid coaching to launch you into your own thriving business. Many of you are positioning yourselves as “coaches” here in the 48 Days community. I see your activity in the 48 Days Eagles community or you’re one of the 97 people who have already joined our Coaching Mastery Program.  Every day I am asked by more people, “Dan, can I be a coach?”  … Read More

Can I help you design the next season of your life?

Every time I’ve wanted big leaps in my own success, I’ve engaged a coach.  I am too impatient to learn the slow way, making mistakes and guessing about the best direction.  I’ve had a speech coach, a speaking business coach, a blog coach, a podcast coach, a marketing coach, a business coach and a personal development coach. Working with a coach is often the first step individuals take as they plan for a career move, a new job, a promotion, or anticipate a new “season” in life. If the need for a change has come unexpectedly, it’s easy for self-confidence … Read More

Ministry Coaching

I have always been overwhelmed with requests for ministry (or pro bono) coaching.  Just today I received a lengthy letter from a 60-yr-old pastor, whose board in his description is replacing him with “a new and younger man.”  He has no health insurance, is living “paycheck to paycheck” and has no idea where to go from here. After a “ministry” lunch meeting today, I made a quick stop at the bank. I needed to make a  transfer of some funds into my son Jared’s account so he can book his return flight to Mombasa, Kenya.  The teller dissolved into tears … Read More