Is your house a safe place?

Dan shares a look at what makes a home a safe place where animals, kids and adults can feel safe.

I went to lunch with my neighbor Bill yesterday and we started talking about the gentleman who used to live in the house next door. I told Bill about talking with my previous neighbor (Bob) on a bright Sunday morning and how he had spent the day planting watermelons – although the doctors had just told him he had 3-6 weeks to live.  Well, that turned out to be pretty accurate.  Bob died on another Sunday, just 41 days after that conversation and just one day short of six weeks. The picture here is of the beautiful floral display at his memorial service.  Notice the … Read More

No degrees – just a Mom

As we are headed into Mother’s Day I was reminiscing about my own mother. She never had a job title, but she left a legacy.

As we are headed into Mother’s Day I was reminiscing about my own mother.  At 88, her death was sudden, but not unexpected.  She and Dad were sitting quietly together on Friday evening after a day of activities together.  They were married for 62 years.  For most of those years, Dad was the pastor of the little Mennonite church in Johnsville, Ohio. Mom never had a job title outside our home. VP, CFO, and CEO were not attractive to her.  Her formal education ended with the 8th grade.  But her life touched thousands.  At her funeral we displayed a few … Read More

How will you be remembered?

Recently, at Little Jimmy Dickens 90th birthday party he was asked what he wanted his legacy to be. Now here’s a guy who could brag about being the shortest country singer (4’11”), the flashiest, or being the oldest living member of the Grand Ole Opry.  Or he could wish that he would be remembered for his biggest hits, including such classics as: “May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose,” “(I Got a) Hole in My Pocket,” “Take an Old Cold Tater (And Wait),” or “When the Ship Hit the Sand.” And while I know each of you would … Read More

Nashville loses trusted voice of Dan Miller

No – I’m doing just fine – really.  Yesterday morning’s Tennessean headlined the news that our 30-year NBC affiliate news anchor here in Nashville had died of a heart attack.  And he just happened to have the same name as I do.  Today’s paper has the headline:  Nashville loses trusted voice of Dan Miller.  That Dan was a very trusted and respected personality here in Nashville.  I must admit I have read through all the kind things being said about Dan Miller.  Don’t we all wonder what will be said about us when we’re gone?  In Seven Habits of Highly … Read More