100% College Admission – How Sad

Last Sunday on a leisure drive back from lunch we passed one of the most prestigious private high schools in our area.  A sign was proudly posted at the front entrance stating: “100% College Admission for our Seniors – again.” I’ll have to admit I cringed on seeing that.  Now I know that any high school principal who doesn’t claim this as his/her goal is likely to be accused of not having the students best interests at heart and would also likely be run out of town by indignant parents.  But personally, I think there is a major elitism at … Read More

The Fire of Genius…was extinguished

People ask me if I really think each person is unique.  And should each person’s work reflect that uniqueness.  Yes and Yes.  History has shown repeatedly that whenever we remove the individuality of people, that culture ultimately fails. In 1782 Sir Edward Gibbon, English historian and member of Parliament, wrote The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.  He outlined how “the uniform government of the Romans introduced a slow and secret poison into the vitals of the empire. The minds of men were gradually reduced to the same level, the fire of genius was extinguished.” Ouch – the fire … Read More

Just gimme a faster horse

As thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs we hear a lot of clichés.  “Find a need and fill it.”  “The customer is always right.”  “Winners never quit; quitters never win.”  And so on.  But as entrepreneurs we recognize that common clichés are often not true at all – as with those just mentioned. If you wait for your customers to tell you what they want, you’re going to be too late.  You’ll go the way of universities that “teach” business practices that have already been used for 5 years by the brightest and best in real business. What did customers in Henry … Read More

Cool, Unusual and Seasonal Jobs

We are entering the busiest selling season of the year.  Don’t sit on your backside, waiting for the perfect career position.  You can jump into an opportunity to get you moving, continue your networking, and create some immediate income.  Here are just a few of hundreds of interesting things available right now: Manage a Hickory Farms mall kiosk.  Fun surroundings, reasonable pay and 40% off all merchandise.  “We are looking for area supervisors, store managers, and sales associates for the upcoming holiday season.” Hickory Farms Want to work where people play?  As the ski season ramps up, ski areas have trails … Read More

Sell or Starve

To get a job, you have to sell yourself.  To start a business or run it successfully, you have to sell a product or service – every day.  Gone are the days of “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”  If you are going to be successful in any way you have to learn to sell, and do it well. Here are statements I’m hearing from people who have not learned how to sell: “I’ve applied for lots of jobs but no one’s hiring.” “Everywhere I go they tell me I’m over-qualified.” “I’ve … Read More

Jobs Plunge – Opportunities Soar!

USA Today reports today that employers cut jobs for a second month in February while the unemployment rate fell as more people quit looking for work in the weakening job market, the government said Friday in a report that led to further calls of a 2008 recession Yes, lots of ironies here.  Jobs lost yet hourly wages are up and unemployment is down.  There is no way the government has of tracking those people who have “quit looking for work.”  I talk to them every day and they are not all discouraged and sitting on the curb – many of … Read More

The Sky is Falling — Isn’t It?

The headlines screamed this week – Jobs Cutbacks, Jobs Lost, Job Losses.  The Labor Department has reported that total job numbers were down by 17,000 in January, the first monthly decline since August 2003.  Remember the wonderful children’s fable The Sky is Falling?  This is an old tale about a chicken who believes the sky is falling.  The phrase “the sky is falling” has become a popular cliché indicating a hysterical belief that disaster is crashing down on us.  In the original story Chicken Little is eating lunch one day when an acorn falls on her head.  She mistakenly assumes … Read More

I’m Leaving — and feeling guilty

Each week I create a new online radio podcast — answering a few of the many questions we receive. Here are some of this week’s questions you can hear discussed on the 48 Days Radio Show. 1. My husband started two businesses, for which I am bookkeeper by default. I detest it, it isn’t me. 2. My gift is gab. I’d like to become a professional speaker, but is talent enough? How do I turn talking about nothing into a living? 3. I am currently in a job and soon to graduate from the local community college. I am feeling … Read More

Get Paid to Leave Your Job?

In this morning’s news Ford has announced they will offer buyouts and early retirement packages to 54,000 workers.  Obviously they are attempting to cut more jobs and replace those highly paid workers with those making about half the pay. So the question is:  Are there any losers in this deal or can everybody win?  One of the stories I tell in No More Mondays is about a gentleman who said he hated his job for 17 years, and then was offered a $140,000 buyout.  And he was having a major struggle in making his decision.  My response was essentially – … Read More

Work Hard (for yourself) and Get Rich

My friend Dave Ramsey sent me an article this morning.   He has already reviewed No More Mondays and knows my message about recognizing new work models.  In this article, J. Paul Getty responds to the question:  “How does one go about making a million dollars?”  He says that unless you happen to locate a sunken treasure galleon or break the bank at Monte Carlo, there is really ony one way to do it.  “By going into business for yourself.”  He goes on to encourage readers to “never mind the bogey of ‘unsettled work conditions’ as is often cited as a … Read More