I’d like to be a brother like that


I’d like to be a brother like that– A listener is leaving her psychotherapy practice to go help an ailing cousin.  With the opportunities we have today, are you in a position to move, help a friend or relative, and still continue to live fully yourself?  You can be a brother, cousin – or wife, husband, sister, mom that other people admire.  Put yourself in a position to give generously.   Questions This Week: I have an opportunity to do a 60 second elevator pitch for my dream job. Help! I am wanting to inspire a very poor teenager.  What book should I have … Read More

Do You See What I See?

No, I know it’s not Christmas but that line leads into making a point.  This morning I was reading an article on innovation – One size does not fit all – in the new issue of Success magazine.  Stephen Shapiro was talking about how we typically approach improvements in our lives – or businesses.  He referenced what someone always says after searching for their lost keys – “I found them in the last place I looked.”  Well of course you did, because then you stopped looking. And that’s the point.  How often do we miss great solutions because we just … Read More

Relationships or “things”?

My son Jared (co-author of Wisdom Meets Passion) has always placed a high priority on relationships.  “Things” can come and go and he cares little.  But for relationships he will risk everything. I’ve learned from him not to take for granted trusted friendships that have been built over many years.  As I seem to be attending more funerals these days, I see the end result of friendships that last.  Who will be there for you when you need a friend?  Are you building those relationships every day?

What life are you choosing?

“Yes, I’ve always been accused of being a glass-half-full kind of guy because I really do believe that every problem brings with it the seed of a solution and I believe that the search for a solution can itself be inspiring and hopeful.”  Dan “Focus on what you are moving to, not what you’re moving from.” Dan “It wasn’t until I discovered my own talents and embraced them that I began to actually make a positive impact.  I did some nice things along the way, but I didn’t gain any traction until I found peace in the journey of discovering … Read More

It’s a Wonderful Life – or is it?

If someone saw a movie of your life so far, when the credits rolled, would she say, “Wow, that was awesome”? Or would she scratch her head and say, “I wonder what that was all about”? Take a minute to think about your life as a movie. How does the storyline in a movie develop? There is a character who wants something and overcomes some kind of conflict to get it.  If the character in the movie doesn’t want something difficult to attain, there’s no story. Screenwriters often use an inciting incident to begin the story. In your life an … Read More

Are you “wisdom” or “passion?”

I’m doing lots of radio interviews this week based on the content of Wisdom Meets Passion, the new book that I wrote with my 34-yr-old son Jared.  It’s not uncommon for a radio host not to have read the book prior to our interview.  And it’s been interesting to get a glimpse of the common perceptions of the book from those who are seeing it for the first time. For example, people are asking: Does your son Jared represent “passion” while you represent “wisdom?”  Or How much of Jared’s content did you have to remove because you didn’t agree with … Read More

It’s Labor Day – and time to celebrate your work!

It’s Labor Day.  Time to celebrate your work!  Is that the feeling you have about your work – that you celebrate having the opportunity to generate significant income, AND do work that is part of a worthy cause? Maybe as a 5-yr-old you thought you heard God speaking to you in the still of the night – calling you to a certain type of life and a special kind of work.  So what happened?  Along the way, in our desire to be responsible, practical, and realistic adults, too many of us wildly imaginative kids lost touch with our creative abilities … Read More

Which did you choose?

“You can choose safety, security, and order or you can choose freedom, creativity and mystery.  I will always choose the latter because I believe the risk of getting wounded along the way is less than the risk of never having lived at all.” Jared Angaza, co-author Wisdom Meets Passion

“Passion” or just another shiny object?

With interviews lining up around the release of Wisdom Meets Passion I am seeing some interesting trends. Most of the interviewers ask repeated questions about finding one’s passion.  That seems to be the exciting, intriguing question of the day.  And I think it reflects the fact that so many people don’t feel they have ever identified their “passion.” Here are some tips Jared and I have developed in Wisdom Meets Passion: Passion is not identified while sitting doing nothing. Passion is typically not found while doing our normal routine. Passion is found by being fully engaged in the game of … Read More

What’s your name?

With a new book coming out (Wisdom Meets Passion) written in collaboration with my son, a lot of people are curious about the different last names.  Yes, we are full biological father and son, but the names you see on the cover of the book are Dan Miller and Jared Anganza.  How is that possible?  Isn’t a name given at birth irretractable, written in stone and impossible to change?  Well, as you probably already suspect, it isn’t. It’s funny how we make assumptions based on names.  Just think about the immediate images conjured up if someone has the last name … Read More