I have no chance in life

change your destiny

Can you change your destiny? A discouraged listener believes she has no chance in life – that it’s probably the way we were born that determines our destiny. Do you agree? I don’t want to paint it as being easy, but I certainly believe we can draw a line in the sand based on our past life, and decide what we want our future to be. Send me your comments about how we can help this lady at askdan@48Days.com Episode #650 February 08, 2019 Hi, this is Dan Miller – and yes you’re listening to the 48 Days Radio show – … Read More

Make people question your sanity


Make people question your sanity If everyone in your family and workplace commends you on how well you’re doing, maybe you’re not thinking big enough.  Big ideas and goals always attract criticism from small thinkers.  Don’t be afraid to step out with plans that make people think you’re crazy. Questions from this week’s Podcast: We’ve saved $200k and are debating between buying a house or quitting our unfulfilling jobs to travel for 6-12 months as an opportunity like this might not present itself again. What would be a good class or conference to attend to work on my leadership skills … Read More

Don’t hide what feeds your soul

What are you doing to brig beauty into your life

As I was listening to my friend Chris McCluskey’s podcast on Worship, Work and Play, I heard him reference this old adage: “If I had but two loaves of bread I would sell one of them and buy White Hyacinths to feed my soul.” – Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915) Why does that capture us so?  And why does it even make any sense?  Surely if you were down to only two loaves of bread the responsible thing to do would be to guard them carefully and ration them out as food for your family. And yet a life without beauty is not … Read More

My myopic pursuit of the almighty dollar

My myopic pursuit of the almighty dollar

The lead-in question on the information requested when I coach with someone personally is this:  “Briefly describe your current work situation.”  Here is a classic response I received from a 28-yr-old:  “Antithetical to my personal and professional expectations.  And unfulfilling on multiple levels:  Lack of meaning and purpose; a myopic pursuit of the almighty dollar; a parasitic and never ending voyage into the shallow waters of avarice.”  Wow – this is a powerful and eloquent statement of being off track.  And of the understanding that money is never enough compensation for investing one’s time and energy. This young man continued:  “Because of the … Read More

Artist or employee – maybe not an either or

We hear from lots of “starving artists.”  You know the routine – you do a demo for your next album and hope to get a $100 gig at a local restaurant to buy groceries tomorrow.  Sell one painting for $300 then wonder how you’ll pay the rent this month.  Get your book published but then wonder how the $1.50 royalty is just compensation for all the work involved.  Not everyone tries to make a living from their “art.” The Story of T.S. Eliot T S Eliot was a British essayist, publisher, playwright, literary and social critic, and “one of the … Read More

I leaned into my future and saw this……..

Last week we had our annual sold-out INNOVATE event here at the Sanctuary.  These were people who were willing to fire up their imagination and dream about what is possible.  The diversity in the room was awesome.  As I read through their registration responses I saw those who were a deputy sheriff, car salesman, concert promoter, carpenter, seamstress, dance teacher, video producer, blogger, artist, writer, restaurant owner, banker, stay-at-home mom, photographer, ex-nun, glass sculptor, teacher, e-Bay entrepreneur, speaker, lifestyle evangelist, software developer, tree eater, podcaster, doggy daycare provider, internet salesperson and more. We heard from presenters Deby Dearman, Ken Davis, Bob Baker, … Read More

Homeless but Classy

Boston artist Kenji Kayayama has started creating high-quality, hand painted signs to replace makeshift cardboard posters typically used by homeless people.  Their original art is used and they are given an opportunity to tell their story.   It seems many of the homeless are trying to find their voice as much as they are trying to solicit for money. Can you imagine the frustration in being homeless?  Not only is there the need to find food and a place to sleep but it often is the ultimate in feeling like a failure. What do you think is the most helpful … Read More

Have you left the herd?

As I’m working on revisions to 48 Days to the Work You Love for the 10th Anniversary Edition, I’m reminded of the things that really open the door to our success.  I see so many people who are chasing yet one more degree or one more lucky connection to give them the break they need. And then I got a message from Robin Sharma describing the 4 Big Secrets of the Top 5% Achievers.  These are things any of us can do – Today. 1.  Cut your excuses in half and double your action You can make excuses or you … Read More

What’s so special about events at the Sanctuary?

48Days.net member Jack Warren from Illinois posted a forum question, wondering what it is about attending events at the Sanctuary that make them so special.  A reasonable question – isn’t it just one more time of sitting in a seat hearing new and helpful information?  This week we’ll have another gang here for Coaching with Excellence and spots are being filled quickly for another Innovate coming up May 22-23. Let’s just take a quick look at the things that may make a visit to the Sanctuary different from any training event you’ve ever attended.  Here are a few things people … Read More

Push me over the cliff……

Have you ever had that sensation of just taking off?  You know the adrenaline rush of knowing you are going over the edge for your first bungee jump, or just at the peak of the first roller coaster drop, or ready to open the door for the first day of business.  I’m in the middle of an experience that will capture that feeling forever. I have always been fascinated by the eagle.  And I have always wanted to own an original piece from my friend and world-renowned sculptor Scott Stearman.  So when we began discussing some possibilities about a year … Read More