Break out of narrow thinking

In the new book Decisive by Dan and Chip Heath, they describe a trap we all face.  Psychologists call it “narrow framing.”  It’s our tendency to chose between two options – overlooking the full range of possibilities available to us. Let’s take a common situation.  You hate your job but look at the options like this: Be responsible and keep the job – no one would quit in this economy Quit the stinking job – prove your mother-in-law right and have no income Don’t assume too quickly that there are only two or even three possibilities. In No More Dreaded … Read More

Honey, I got Fired (Now write your book)

Honey, I got Fired — Nathaniel Hawthorne went home to tell his wife that he had just been fired from his job. “Good,” she said. “Now you can write your book.” “What do we live on meanwhile?” Hawthorne asked. His wife opened a drawer filled with money. “I have always known that you are a man of genius,” she said. “So I saved a little each week, and now I have enough to last for a year.” Hawthorne used the time to write “The Scarlet Letter,” one of the great masterpieces of American literature. We’re having one more Write to … Read More