Homeless but Classy

Boston artist Kenji Kayayama has started creating high-quality, hand painted signs to replace makeshift cardboard posters typically used by homeless people.  Their original art is used and they are given an opportunity to tell their story.   It seems many of the homeless are trying to find their voice as much as they are trying to solicit for money. Can you imagine the frustration in being homeless?  Not only is there the need to find food and a place to sleep but it often is the ultimate in feeling like a failure. What do you think is the most helpful … Read More

Broke and hungry – please help!

Artist Willie Baronet is on a 24-city, 31 day journey across the country this month, buying handmade signs from homeless people.  He says it’s changed the way he sees the homeless.  Willie is working on an art project he calls We all are Homeless.  That’s him in the picture here. In a 3:45 minuted NPR segment, he says he used to feel guilty and try to avoid eye contact with the homeless at those places we all see them – sitting on the sidewalks as we rush by, or at the exit ramp where we try to time it so … Read More