Holiness vs Happiness??

Dan, Sometimes I think we focus too much on career and not enough on holiness..  I am happy to just have a job…period…all these career cruises, etc. seem extravagant…especially when we are just trying to have a roof over our head and food to eat. It seems to me that the rich can go on cruises and vacations and seminars to find their “calling” but when do we acknowledge the Lord and thank him even for our basic needs being met? God is MUCH more concerned with our holiness than our happiness.  –  Michelle ************************************************************ Interesting perspective.  I’m thrilled we … Read More

Healthy, Homeless and Happy

Can these three terms really go together?  Saturday night Joanne and I went to a party for a local non-profit organization.  As part of their work some of the volunteers often take food to the homeless here in Nashville.  One of the gentlemen they see there just looked the part of a Santa Claus.  While he has never dressed up or grown a beard to look like Santa, his daily presentation made him a natural choice.  He resisted when first asked but then relented under the charms of the ladies serving him food.  I took advantage of a lull in … Read More