I believe other people are out to help me!

My academic background is in clinical psychology.  But I always wondered, why do we focus exclusively on human pathology and dysfunction?  What about the positive side, the moments when human beings are at their absolute best?  It seems we can give everyone a label, categorizing every action as a dysfunction of some kind.  My wife is an “enabler” because she enjoys helping people, I’ve been accused of being in “denial” because I choose to focus on the good in my past rather than the bad.  My son was “ADHD” because he found it hard to sit in a traditional classroom.  … Read More

Nah – you don’t really want a shortcut

Would you like to get something you want – without having to work for it?  Maybe you’d like a 3000 sq ft house instead of the cramped 1600 of the one you have now.  Maybe you’d love to be driving a three-yr-old car instead of the fifteen year old clunker you’re driving now.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone just gave you what you’re wanting?  Maybe, maybe not. My granddaughter Clara is six years old.  Recently she decided she wanted her own camera.  But instead of just popping over to Best Buy to pick up the latest, coolest version, her … Read More

Should I just be happy as a “thousandaire?”

Here’s a question for this week’s 48 Days Podcast: Do I need to take time off from trying to improve my situation and just learn to be happy with what I have? I am 34 and have a good job that pays well.  But it seems that I am always unhappy with my situation. I have read or listened to every self-help book out there and I have wanted a change for years and do nothing about it. Essentially I am a “thousandaire” that desperately wants to be a ‘millionaire’ but just seems lost in how to do that… am … Read More