Does the 48 Days Job Search process really work?

A reader asks Dan: Does the 48 days job search process really work? Dan answers with another reader's letter of success.

I received this note two days ago: Hi, Dan, I have read your book, 48 days, and I wanted to know does your job search process really work? I have been told that approach, mailing through the mail is old school, takes too long, people toss letters like that in the trash, email is faster, people keep emails as oppose to paper, etc. I have been out of work for 4 months now. I am totally petrified. I have tried networking, passing out my resume to family and friends, etc., and still nothing. I am not a fan of picking … Read More

You seem overqualified – why do you want this job?

I hear this as a frequent interview response – “You are overqualified.”  One legitimate concern is that right now a lot of people are settling for “survival” jobs, where any job is better than nothing.  A firm in St. Louis advertised for attorneys at $25,000/yr and was flooded with responses.  And then the legitimate concern is that you will keep looking and move on at the first better opportunity. Job Applicant Beware But be aware that being told you are “overqualified” may simply be a very nice way of telling you they simply don’t want you.  It’s hard to be upset … Read More

And the times, they are a’changin

Change we can count on – but that doesn’t mean opportunities are decreasing.  True, not all change is progress, but all progress does require change.  Embrace the change by positioning yourself for new options. I recently worked with a young lady who had lost her job, making in the mid 70s.  Panicked and convinced she could never find another job in that income range, she had decided she would have to start her own business.  However, after identifying her unique “areas of competence” I advised against that and encouraged her to do a creative job search.  In a short period … Read More

Really “Nice” and Really Broke….

Here’s a recent reader question: “Dan, I have your 48 Days book and have started the process of sending out resumes. In your book it suggests calling after a few days to see if they may have questions but a couple of the employers have sent back automated responses saying that they have received my email and that they will contact me but not to call because they won’t respond to calls of any type due to volume but to apply again if I don’t hear from them in about 8 weeks. The question is should I respect their wishes … Read More

Still Not Working

Steve lost his job with a major auto manufacturing corporation four years ago.  After a brief job search he settled into eking out a meager subsistence by living on his wife’s paycheck and drawing a little out of the equity of his house each month.  He surfs the net, meets his friends for lunch, and reads his favorite novels. It appears that millions of men like Steve – although in the prime of their lives, between 30 and 55 – have dropped out of traditional work.  Many of them know they could get jobs, but they turn down jobs that … Read More