Will you give this guy two dollars?


There is a story of a little boy who was admiring a shiny, brand-new sports car parked on a quiet street.  He slowly walked around the amazing vehicle, savoring every angle.  As he pushed his nose up against the window to get a better view of the inside, the voice of the owner coming up behind startled him. Bob asked, “You like my car?”  “Oh yeah, mister.  It’s awesome.” was the reply. The proud owner said, “My brother gave it to me for Christmas.” “Your brother gave it to you?  Didn’t cost you nothing?” the young boy asked. “Yep, my … Read More

Want more money – check your heart

Which comes first – generosity or wealth? A couple weeks ago Joanne and I attended a 30-yr celebration and fund raising event for Mercy Ministries.  The program took place as the very first event in the stunning ballroom in the brand new MusicCityCenter here in Nashville.  The surroundings were gorgeous, the flowers were spectacular, the music second to none (CeCe Winans) and the host for the evening (Dave Ramsey) was entertaining and thought-provoking. But the highlight for me was meeting lots and lots of people with big hearts and open pocketbooks.  The attendees represented many countries, ethnicities, faith perspectives, and … Read More

I’m Struggling – How Can I Help You?

USA Today reports that companies across the country are slashing bonuses, severance packages and pay raises.  40% of surveyed companies plan to reduce the amount allotted for raises in 09 and 62% say they will be giving smaller bonuses than last year.  The number of companies holding holiday parties is the lowest in reportable history.  American Express just canceled its annual year-end bash.  Companies that normally avoid any layoffs are now compiling lists of who will be let go.  Last Friday Focus on the Family announced they are eliminating 202 jobs, the biggest layoff in their history.  But here’s the … Read More