Free land – fresh start – oh yeah!

Remember the Homestead Act of 1862 from your history books?  The United States government said anyone could claim up to 160 acres of land outside the original thirteen colonies if they would improve the land and live there for at least five years. Would some free land be a boost for your business or a great way to move to the country with your family?  Guess what – it’s happening again.  As small town America has been left behind for the big cities, some of those small towns are offering free land as an incentive for new neighbors.  Think Funny … Read More

Employee vs “Free Agent”

In today’s workplace most people are in fact “free agents.” They have no contract and they are free to negotiate with a new “team” if they choose. Yet many people just stay because they continue to get a paycheck – without even looking around to see if they could get a better offer. Who are free agent workers?

When Helping Hurts

Drive into any national park and you’ll see the signs – “Don’t feed the bears.” Scientists tell us that bears will quickly become dependent on human food, and while they are not particularly fond of humans they like the arrangement of free food.  And once dependent on that food they will attack the same providers if the supply disappears. Congress is now considering extending unemployment benefits for the fifth time since this recession began.  In normal economic times workers could receive up to 26 weeks of benefits with the possibility of a 13-week extension.  With the added benefits added by … Read More

Will you pay for a “free” book?

In a controversial new book — FREE, Chris Anderson (editor Wired Magazine) says that natural forces are pushing us toward making all intellectual content free to the consumer.  Wow – what does that mean for newspapers, magazines, websites, authors and musicians.  He says that musicians better get used to having people download their songs for free – yes, they will continue to make money, but it will be from live events and merchandise – not the songs themselves.  For authors it will be the same thing – give away the content and make money with events and merchandise. Now what … Read More