I stopped dreaming long ago…

Here’s a note I just received from a Wisdom meets Passion reader: Yes, I still do 8.5 hours of time in my “human filing cabinet” each day.  Yes, I still dream of breaking out and finding my true calling. Yes, I’m still scared to death to do so. I stopped dreaming so long ago that I can’t even remember what I loved to do when I was 20, much less 5. I just remember loving baseball more than anything else. Maybe I should get a glove and a ball and find a wall and play catch with myself for a dozen … Read More

Dr. Oz – have all 3 of these or you’ll be sick

This morning I was listening to the current Success Magazine audio CD. Darren Hardy interviewed Dr. Mehmet Oz (on the front cover of Success this month).  Darren asked him what it required to be healthy. Dr. Oz says there are only three components: Exercise – elevated heart rate for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week Eat Right Have a purpose for living Whoa – here’s a world class heart surgeon who says one of the top priorities for living well is to have a purpose for living.  Do you know yours? Sometimes I talk to people who have been struggling … Read More