Living My Dream

Yesterday Joanne and I took a leisurely drive outside of Franklin, TN and ended up in the community known as Leipers Fork.  We parked in a church parking lot and proceeded to wander through the quaint art and gift shops on the one street going through the town.  When we returned to our car I was blown away to see the cars that had lined up in the parking lot.  There was a Maserati, a Lamborghini, a couple of Porsches, and a Ferrari,  Being a car guy, I was walking up and down the line just admiring the merchandise. And yes, the … Read More

Is it just the money?

“Work must provide the opportunity for spiritual and personal growth as well as financial success.  The irony is that if it does not provide all three, there will be a natural pressure to keep the financial rewards low.  The search for money alone will always be self-defeating.”    Dan Miller