The choices we make – with Joanne Miller

Making choices

Episode #607 April 13, 2018 People seem to be in a lot of despair. They feel like they don’t have choices. Dan’s wife Joanne joins him on this week’s podcast and shares some of the trials and tribulations of their life and how the choices they’ve made have impacted them. Hi, this is Dan Miller – and yes you’re listening to the 48 Days Radio show.  In this episode I invited Joanne to join me in responding to the flood of messages we’re getting from listeners who feel trapped by their circumstances.  Welcome to the 48 Days Radio Show. Questions: 1.  How … Read More

I can double my income but my family will suffer!


Episode #590 December 15, 2017 — In this week’s Podcast, we zone in on our goal setting with a great question from a listener who wants to know if he should push forward in 2018 to double his income knowing that his family life will suffer. We take a look at the 48 Days Goal Setting Workbook that includes setting goals for seven different areas of your life, not just career. Money is not how we should define success and therefore it should not lead our goal setting. We also explore ways that this listener (and others) can meet his income goals without sacrificing … Read More

Should I give thanks for this?

I know that with downsizing, reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, and a very uncertain political landscape it may appear to be a bleak holiday season.  In a recent seminar, a lady shared that she had been on the receiving end of a “cost containment exercise.”  Another related that she had been given the “grace of interruption” in her work life.  Last week I shared about a guy that got an unexpected FedEx package with his “exit papers.”  Whoa! – great sounding terms for unwelcome change. This is a great time to be anticipating the beginning of a new year.  In 1937, Napoleon Hill … Read More