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how to get booked

How To Get Booked As a Speaker, Comedian, Singer, Magician, Coach A listener wants to break into doing magic presentations. In this episode we hear from a very experienced magician who stays booked at $15K a day – and shares his magic formula for keeping his schedule full.  This is a perfect guide for how to get booked if you’re a speaker, comedian, singer, magician, or even a coach. The magic formula: make 30 calls and see what happens. Episode #659 April 12, 2019 Hi, this is Dan Miller – and yes you’re listening to the 48 Days Radio show … Read More

On your own but not alone

Ever find yourself trying to be an entrepreneur but also trying to escape from the kids – or being distracted by the unpredictable noise around your table at Starbucks?  You might want to try “CoWorking.”  This is one of the hot new terms accounting for people wanting to work not from home and not from an office is CoWorking. People who struggle with watching Oprah or playing Xbox in the middle of the afternoon may find that a shared office space is just what you need.   The term just made it into Wikipedia and is defined thus:  Coworking is … Read More