Looking back can make you sick and lonely

Robert Kearns, the inventor of intermittent windshield wipers, died on February 9, 2005 at the age of 77.  He died of brain cancer complicated by Alzheimer’s disease.  Kearns got the inspiration for the intermittent wiper from an incident that happened when he was 26 years old.  He developed his idea, received a patent in 1967 and was offered $20 million in the early 70s from Ford Motor Company, who was already using a form of intermittent wipers.  Kearns decided to sue them instead and dedicated the rest of his life to legal battles with the automakers.  He fired his attorneys … Read More

For want of a smile…

This is a time of year when many people become depressed over the state of their lives.  It’s the end of another year and a time to reflect on success or lack thereof.  Have I accomplished what I wanted in my business, in relationships, in health and spiritual vitality?  Some decide that living itself is just too difficult. The Golden Gate bridge is the world’s leading suicide location. Every nine days, on average, someone ends their life here. In 2011 there were 37 suicides from the bridge – up from 32 in 2010.  At least twelve hundred people have been … Read More

Dan, I’m super depressed….

“Dan, I’ve been struggling with feeling super depressed. I have been doing everything you teach in your book and I am diligently putting my name out there. However I am truly losing hope at times. This job search attacks my self esteem in huge ways and I simply feel God won’t bless me or help me.  I am pleading for your daily prayers. 1/ Pray I do not lose hope, 2/ I sense God and 3/ that He brings me to the RIGHT place of employment.”  Discouraged ********************************************************* I know not getting the results you want can be discouraging.  But don’t let … Read More

If your life’s not working – try this….

Yesterday a magazine editor asked me: Dan, I’m looking for a checklist of sorts… once you’ve figured out that life isn’t working, what are the steps to reshaping your work, or creating a new opportunity. Sure – happy to pitch in. 85% of the process of having the confidence of an authentic “fit” in your career comes from looking inward first.  We get the cart before the horse by looking at who’s hiring or searching out the hottest business opportunities. Trust your passions.  Don’t be deterred because you’ve been told your idea is not “realistic” or “practical.”  Passion drives success … Read More

Don’t be a “Discouraged Worker”

Every quarter the US Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles the employment figures.  One of those calculations is for what they actually call “discouraged workers.”  These are individuals who wanted and were available for work during the last 12 months.  But they are no longer counted as unemployed because they have not searched for work in the last 4 weeks.  According to the Bureau’s calculations, in December of 2010, there were 1.3 million “discouraged workers.” Here we are in February.  The official figures are pretty much the same.  “Discouraged workers” are not a true indication of the economy or of the … Read More

Are you living beneath your dignity?

Yes, I know times are tough.  I spoke at a conference recently and had the opportunity to talk to people who are wondering if there is any reason to be cheerful or optimistic. As a Russian priest (1829 – 1908), Father John Sergiev first thought he wanted to be a monk in the remote areas of Siberia – but after a vision, he realized God wanted him to be a missionary right where he was – in the hustle and bustle of the big urban city of St. Petersburg.  While most priests remained in the safe confines of their cathedrals, … Read More