I quit my job but now I’m desperate, depressed and frustrated!

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Episode #588 December 01, 2017 Questions: What are your top recommendations for events in 2018 Should I self-publish the work through Amazon and the Kindle Self-Publishing outlet?   How do I copyright my written material?  How do I self promote when self-publishing?  I just quit a job that I hated.  Now I’m desperate, depressed and frustrated. Good News Cliff Feightner poem: So they don’t like the things that you’ve done Let them go and have their fun There’s a world out there Full of people who care And you’ll have your day in the sun. Quotation: “We don’t take action because … Read More

Am I just bored or is it time to move on?

Glen from San Diego asks: “I am a founding member and a linchpin in my organization, but no longer see that as an asset. I run the largest and most successful department and have been told the business would greatly suffer in my absence. As we have grown, so have the meetings, committees, reports, regional regulations and certification standards. Although I still believe strongly in the mission of the organization, all this policy and procedure have leached much of the care out of me. I spend so little time doing what I came to originally do. I am not sure … Read More

Don’t be a “Discouraged Worker”

Every quarter the US Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles the employment figures.  One of those calculations is for what they actually call “discouraged workers.”  These are individuals who wanted and were available for work during the last 12 months.  But they are no longer counted as unemployed because they have not searched for work in the last 4 weeks.  According to the Bureau’s calculations, in December of 2010, there were 1.3 million “discouraged workers.” Here we are in February.  The official figures are pretty much the same.  “Discouraged workers” are not a true indication of the economy or of the … Read More