100% College Admission – how sad I am

I wrote this post 4 years ago, but was reminded once again, as at this time of year we’re seeing schools scrambling to brag about how many of their brilliant students are being admitted to fine colleges and universities.  And my feelings are stronger now than 4 years ago. ********************************************* Last Sunday on a leisure drive back from lunch, Joanne and I passed one of the most prestigious private high schools in our area.  A big 10ft banner was proudly posted at the front entrance stating: “100% College Admission for our Seniors – again.” I’ll have to admit I cringed upon seeing that.  … Read More

Education – Knowledge or Degrees?

Which is more important – the degree you get from a university or the learning itself?  If you just want the piece of paper you have to pay dearly.  If you agree that the education is more important, then congratulations.  You can get that with no cost at all.  How could you change your opportunities and your lot in life if you got the same knowledge that a UC Berkeley graduate paid $120,000 for?  If there were no cost and you could go as quickly as you liked, would you take advantage of the training – or will you look … Read More