Tipping the scale

William McKinley, the 25th U.S. President, once had to choose between two equally qualified men for a key job.  He puzzled over the choice until he remembered a long-ago incident. On a rainy night, McKinley had boarded a crowded streetcar.  One of the men he was now considering had also been aboard, though he didn’t see McKinley.  Then an old woman carrying a basket of laundry struggled into the car, looking in vain for a seat.  The job candidate pretended not to see her and kept his seat.  McKinley gave up his seat to help her. Remembering this incident, which … Read More

Job Security – No Problem

Last week I had lunch with a young guy in the banking industry.  I met Al about 10 years ago when he was just a teller and hadn’t seen him since then.  Today he pulled up to the restaurant in a gorgeous new Infinity, had on a stunning suit and is now the community director of a very powerful bank.  I knew little about what had transpired for him in those last ten years – but I do know he’s in an industry that has been struggling and has a whole lot of people who have been let go. However, … Read More