10 Steps to an “education,” jobs and wealth


Do you need a college degree to get ahead today?  That’s one of the hottest topics out there and a continuing question I am being asked.  (I included a new chapter in the revision of 48 Days to the Work You Love titled Yes, I Have an “Education.”)   I love the process of learning and have pursued that in multiple ways.  Yes, I did go to college and have both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology.  I completed my doctoral studies but never turned in a dissertation. Instead of creating a document for four old guys to read … Read More

But I don’t have the degree for the Work I Love

Here’s a recent question from a reader: QUESTION:  Hello, After hearing about your program on the Dave Ramsey show, I decided to check out your web site.  Your course looks good, but what happens once you find the “work you love” and you aren’t “qualified”?  I went to college for over 4 years, but never actually got a degree.  That little piece of paper is holding me back from a lot of things.  Does your course cover how to get jobs that you don’t have experience or qualifications for, but is the work you love?  I really don’t want to … Read More