Have a little talk with Jesus

While putting in some new underground lines in our neighborhood this week, the construction crew hit a major telephone line – taking out our phone lines and internet service. Thursday morning we still had no lines and AT&T was unsure about the timeline for restored service.   I had a heavy day of writing and correspondence lined up but realized those plans were not going to happen. So I cancelled my lunch appointment and Joanne and I took our granddaughter Clara to the county fair.  We saw proud owners washing their cows and leisurely spent time seeing the sheep, goats, chickens … Read More

Creativity — Enhanced or Numbed?

Yesterday in my Wednesday morning Eagles Group we were discussing the rapid changes in technology.  Some of the guys in this reading/brainstorming group now come in with their electronic readers rather than carrying the physical book.  And they may have their entire library in this one device.  Personally I still like the look and feel of a “real” book but others are telling me I’m nothing but a dinosaur.  Here is a picture of my youngest granddaughter (Clara Isabel) – who turned ONE last Monday.  See what she has in her hand?  It’s the Sansa Shaker MP3 player Joanne and I … Read More