But I had no choice….


I heard a story about a man riding a horse at breakneck speed.  It appears he’s going someplace very important.  A man standing along the roadside shouts, “Where are you going?”  To which the rider yells back, “I don’t know.   Ask the horse.” This seems to be essentially the story I’m hearing from lots of people today.  They’re riding the horse of circumstances, their habits or other people’s expectations.  If that describes you, it’s time to grab the reins and move your life in the direction of where you really want to go. A Real Life Example I’m currently … Read More

How can these guys both be in the same business?

Last week I talked with two guys, both in the landscape business.  The first complained bitterly about customers who were hard to please, did not pay their bills on time and didn’t understand the big picture of landscaping.  He went on to say his machines would break down through no fault of his own and that he was filing bankruptcy that day. The next morning I spoke with Noe, the guy who has taken care of my landscaping and lawn maintenance for the last 15 years.  He told me how great business was, how he had just raised prices by 10% and … Read More

When you have nothing….

Joanne and I are in Chicago for our annual pre-Christmas excursion.  The weather is bitter cold and the streets are not as crowded with shoppers this year.  And the sidewalks have all too many people with quickly constructed cardboard signs who are hoping to capture the sympathy of passing shoppers.    I saw one sign that said:  Lost my Job Lost my Home Lost my Hope Please Help   What’s the next step?  Is this really an inevitable sequence?  I was reading this morning about the inventions that are coming out of the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.  The tagline on … Read More