I have no vision now….

Sharon asks a question: “All my adult life has revolved around meeting my family’s needs–my husband and 2 children. Now, the kids are in college and I feel my mission is coming to a close.  I have no vision for my future or goals for my life now.  This makes me feel purposeless and alone.  My husband and I have a great relationship, but I feel we don’t have much to talk about, except our kids. As a Christian, I want to follow God’s plan for me. I just don’t know how to go about discovering that plan, setting goals … Read More

Is Work a Curse from God?

What we do for a living, or in a ministry, or in our family life is the application of our calling.  Apart from engaging our creativity, our artistry, our skills, abilities and gifts – it is impossible to live out our calling.  We cannot complete God’s call in a vacuum – we must be engaged in work of some kind.  We are all “called” to a life of service and ministry – the way we are equipped to do that varies from person to person. But if we view work as a curse, how does than impact our effectiveness?  How … Read More

Talent is nothing to God – oh really?

Okay, here’s a sticky theological question from a reader: Dan, I love to share my faith with others and I seem to have many natural talents, skills and abilities suited for a minister. Many people have even suggested I enter the Ministry. However, I believe that no matter how suited someone may be for ministry they must be called of God in order to be a Minister. Talent is nothing to God. He rather wants a fully surrendered and obedient individual. I suppose my question is how do I know whether I’m called to be a minister or just an … Read More

Winners Never Quit — Baloney!

We’ve all heard the old adage, “Winners never quit, quitters never win.”  Is that really true?  Does that mean that if you’re driving from Detroit to Miami and you suddenly realize you’re actually headed for Savannah you would simply continue on?  Or even speed up?  Or just “try harder?” Of course not – you would immediately correct your direction, even if it meant going back to Atlanta to get back on the right road.  Why is it that in jobs or businesses people often believe that if they just persist, somehow things will get better?  And that they need to … Read More