Dr. Oz – have all 3 of these or you’ll be sick

This morning I was listening to the current Success Magazine audio CD. Darren Hardy interviewed Dr. Mehmet Oz (on the front cover of Success this month).  Darren asked him what it required to be healthy. Dr. Oz says there are only three components: Exercise – elevated heart rate for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week Eat Right Have a purpose for living Whoa – here’s a world class heart surgeon who says one of the top priorities for living well is to have a purpose for living.  Do you know yours? Sometimes I talk to people who have been struggling … Read More

Horse Head or Masterpiece?

When I was 13 years old I painted a horse head with a paint by numbers layout. I thought it was pretty good, but now that I’ve seen some real masterpieces I realize it was pretty amateurish. The paint was clumpy where I tried to stay inside the identified lines. It didn’t look real; it just looked like I did a good job of painting. My wife Joanne, on the other hand, has drawn some amazing pieces – always starting with a blank canvas and then allowing her imagination to direct her brush or pencil. I realize now that life’s … Read More