I don’t beg…..

Joanne and I were in Chicago last week for our annual pre-Christmas excursion.  The weather was bitter cold and the streets were bustling with the usual shoppers.  And as usual, the sidewalks had all too many people with quickly constructed cardboard signs who were hoping to capture the sympathy of passing shoppers. We saw tons of the normal “Homeless Please Help” signs.  But one sign grabbed my attention as being much more creative.  That’s me in the picture with the young guy whose sign said: “I don’t beg.  I tell jokes for $.25.”   Even when life is hard we … Read More

I think you stink when you do your best work

Creativity, if carried through to something meaningful, can provide personal satisfaction, fame and wealth. Many of you are working on being more “creative,” knowing that can open the door to the future you want.  A whole bunch of you will be here for our next Innovate Event – where we will be working as a group to release more creativity. Here’s an interesting piece from Robert Greene’s new book – Mastery. “One day, the writer and polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe made a curious discovery about the creative process of his friend, the great German writer Friedrich Schiller.  Paying a … Read More