I believe other people are out to help me!

My academic background is in clinical psychology.  But I always wondered, why do we focus exclusively on human pathology and dysfunction?  What about the positive side, the moments when human beings are at their absolute best?  It seems we can give everyone a label, categorizing every action as a dysfunction of some kind.  My wife is an “enabler” because she enjoys helping people, I’ve been accused of being in “denial” because I choose to focus on the good in my past rather than the bad.  My son was “ADHD” because he found it hard to sit in a traditional classroom.  … Read More

We’ve got “bad weather” moving in

In August we experienced a very long dry period here in middle Tennessee, as did many parts of the country.  Our yard turned brown, the berries dried up and the wild turkeys came up to our water feature daily just to find a cool drink.  The farmers’ corn was not filling out and most of the soybeans that were planted never even began to grow.  We got notices from the utility company demanding that we not water our plants or wash our cars. Water was just too scarce. I began to be concerned that our well would run dry. There … Read More