I work only for the money

“Law school sucked all the life and creativity out of me.”  “I’ve never been happy practicing law.”  “I have never had a sense of purpose.”  “I feel destined to do something great, but have no idea why or what.”  “I work only for the money.” These are statements from a young attorney – who in his last position had been sick for 6 months, “triggered initially by stress.”  But a new “career opportunity” presented itself and he is now working in a prestigious position with a Fortune 500 company.  Unfortunately, the sickness is returning, starting with the symptoms of a … Read More

Running from the Law

The October 2nd edition of The Tennessean says the average law school student now graduates with $100,000 in student loan debt. And the average starting salary for a law school student is $40,000. Add to that the fact that the American Bar Association tells us that only 88% of the law school class of 09 has found work of any kind in the legal field.