Dan, are you just taking advantage of our pain?

Here’s a question I received this week: Dan, are you out there?  Is there really any hope?  Do you really have some workable solutions for the rest of us?  Or are you just cashing in on our insecurities? Down and out Dear Down and Out – You are right to question spending any money or time in any self-help program.  But don’t slam the door completely.  I started selling 48 Days to the Work You Love in a 3-ring binder with two CDs in 1996.  And yes, I generated over $2 Million with that version, packaging them in our upstairs bonus … Read More

Just pick up the phone!

Dan, I am hiring a person for our government agency.  I decided to place my name on the ad with my office phone number so applicants could call with questions. I posted the advertisement on March 11 and as of today (March 22) of the 74 applicants, zero have tried to call me to ask about the position.  I am a little shocked that no one has tried to call me about the position. Trey No One Has Called.  Did you get that? In a competitive hiring environment 74 people still just send out resumes and then hope the phone rings.  How … Read More

Is 48 Days just hype?

Dear Cynic – You are right to question spending any money or time in a self-help program. But don’t slam the door completely. I started selling 48 Days to the Work You Love in a 3-ring binder with two CDs in 1996. And yes, I generated over $2 Million with that version, packaging them in our upstairs bonus room.

Half the size – twice the price

On Thanksgiving weekend Joanne and I traveled up to the Amish country in Ohio to visit my dad in his retirement home.  As always, I am amazed at the micro enterprises that cover the back roads of this farming area where I was raised.  At one shop, where I bought some fresh unpastuerized apple cider, we saw a pile of miniature straw bales, about half the size of regular bales.  My brother told me a local Amishman had rebuilt a hay baler to produce the tiny, decorative bales.  While regular sized bales sell for about $2.00, these half sized ones … Read More

Faster and Cheaper – Good News or Bad?

About six months ago we started looking at the possibility of a 48 Days iPhone app.  At that time we were told it would be a $20-30,000 process of development.  While we were in discussions we had a couple other companies tell us that because they were doing similar applications they could do our project for $8-10,000.  Yesterday our social media consultant pointed us to a website called Mobile Roadie where for $499 we can build our own app and be ready to go.  So are the changes described here good news or bad news?  For me as a user, it’s … Read More

That’s not our “policy”

Yesterday I attended an art show and reception at our local library in which my wife Joanne was one of the featured artists.  During the course of the afternoon I also wandered over into the library and naturally found myself in the business section.  Not seeing any copies of my books there I then did a quick search on the library computer and found that the 5 copies of 48 Days to the Work You Love they have in circulation were all checked out with a long waiting list for those as they are returned. So I walked up to … Read More

Need an Extra $15,000?

Need an extra $15,000?  I have a proposition for you.  Recently I purchased 5000 copies of the Spanish edition of 48 Days to the Work You Love from my publisher.  While sales of 48 Days to the Work You Love continue to rock I didn’t really have any plan for these Spanish versions and as of right now they are just sitting in our warehouse.  So before I initiate my own plan to sell these out I’m offering you an opportunity to exercise your creativity and innovation.  Many of you are looking for new opportunities.  New opportunities come easiest with … Read More

Does Everyone Have Passion?

How to find your passion

This week a reader asked: “How do you identify PASSION when that word seems so intense? You’ve addressed this before & I’m reading 48 Days but the word “passion” itself seems too intense for me. I have a hard time saying that there is anything other than my loved ones that I feel “passionate” about… How do I identify passion when I can’t recognize what it is? Yes, I do talk about the importance of finding your passion – as a pre-requisite to finding work that you love. What is Passion? The dictionary defines “passion” as any powerful or compelling … Read More