But it still had a future before it

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Episode #594 January 12, 2018 – We’ve had many listeners at the beginning of the year that have decided what they want to move to but are looking for resources and how-to-info. This Week’s Questions: How can I move from teacher to paid speaker? Can I package my presentation on forgiveness as a course? Dan, I need a music related idea to make money while my growing my band’s success. How can I communicate that I’m a forward thinker when I’ve been working in the dry cleaning business? How do you get a reluctant spouse to support efforts in a … Read More

How do you talk to a billionaire?  

how to talk to a billionaire

Questions: I find it very frustrating when you say if anyone wants a job they can find one. I’m more than a sales coordinator – what can I call myself? All my decisions are made with “making art” as my final goal.  How can I do that? Any ideas on what I could do as a pilot that could help me and my family? Good News. More questions. Cliff Feightner poem: This is a day you won’t dread Especially if you’ve followed and read Dan’s teachings and books Gave them more than just looks You’ll love how you go earning your … Read More