Contest for 2014 slogan

Here’s a simple contest.  Each year I like to come up with a phrase to enter the New Year.  Some are easy:  “Things will be great in ’98.”  “Everything’s fine in ’99.”  “Like eagles we’ll soar in 2004.” “Living extreme in 2013.”  What about this coming year?  What can we use as a motto for 2014? On January 2nd of last year I asked you to share your ideas for slogans for 2013.  Well, about 10 minutes after the newsletter went out – your ideas started pouring in – at the rate of about 100 an hour for the next several … Read More

Please interrupt me

At this time of year I love setting goals and encourage everyone I meet to do the same.  Most every notable accomplishment I’ve experienced I can track back to having a clear goal.  The books I’ve written, trips to places like Africa, selecting the cars I drive, having a Sanctuary on our property, developing a beautiful hosta garden, and learning Spanish all began as a written goal.  However, I know that some of you just resist the process, believing that setting goals takes the spontaneity out of life.  That you will never again be allowed to impulsively go to the … Read More

Nah – you don’t really want a shortcut

Would you like to get something you want – without having to work for it?  Maybe you’d like a 3000 sq ft house instead of the cramped 1600 of the one you have now.  Maybe you’d love to be driving a three-yr-old car instead of the fifteen year old clunker you’re driving now.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone just gave you what you’re wanting?  Maybe, maybe not. My granddaughter Clara is six years old.  Recently she decided she wanted her own camera.  But instead of just popping over to Best Buy to pick up the latest, coolest version, her … Read More