Strong Woman – needs freedom

1.  I am a woman (primary care physician) with a TAKE CHARGE personality, who enjoys exercising power and authority, who communicates boldly, directly, and who is very determined and extremely competitive.  Given my very strong and driving and independent personality, how could I transition my current career track to a more fitting vocation?

2.  I have been approached to join an organization called Business Network International (  Have you ever worked with them before and would it be worth investing the time and money?

3.  You have often described your life in Tennessee including, among other things, your morning commute to the Sanctuary.  Sounds like heaven to me.   I imagine that you have a nice combination of peaceful surroundings, perhaps solitude, and interaction with others.  What is the ideal balance for you?

4.  I have imagined the possibility of hosting small group seminars to talk about weight loss and returning to health. I do not have a medical or nutrition degree, but I believe I know enough to help people. Is this feasible, or would my lack of concrete credentials present too much of a problem?

5.  With the real estate market the way it is, would it be advisable to get into sales at this time? I am licensed but not ready to give up my security of the paycheck at my full time job but want and have always wanted to do real estate sales.

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