An Understanding Heart

A culmination of weekly inspiration shared with Dan Miller’s inner circle over the years.

This legacy piece is very different from anything we’ve seen from Dan Miller, author of the New York Times Bestseller 48 Days to the Work and Life You Love. It’s intended to help us reexamine old traditions and challenge well-worn thought patterns where new wisdom might be needed.

The Book

An Understanding Heart is meant to be more than an inspirational book. From its simulated leather cover, to the gold edged pages with a bookmark to track your current reading, Dan Miller created this book to be a living instrument of growing your personal impact and legacy.
“I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of having “wisdom.” It just sounds valuable and rare. And growing up as the son of a pastor, I knew the Bible story that Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived. When I tried looking up the scripture where Solomon asked God for “wisdom” I found the real story doesn’t put it quite like that. In the reference Solomon asked God for an “understanding heart” so he could judge the people well. We may refer to it as wisdom, but I think the clarification is important. “Wisdom was a byproduct of what he truly wanted. This moves beyond knowledge, to understanding, and meaningful application to impact the world.”
Enjoy the process with us as we laugh, cry and learn from the life principles relayed in these stories that remind us that we all have similar, human challenges and opportunities. There is much we can learn from each other if we all work to dig deep for our own “understanding heart.”
An Understanding Heart is full of vignettes, quotations, and related Biblical references, the thoughts shared in this book are destined to enrich your daily walk as you lead others.
“This is not meant to be read like a normal book. There is no one theme or premise being presented. There is no goal to convince you of some newly discovered truth. Rather, my desire is that you see yourself in the stories and fine tune the true success you are experiencing in your life. You can open this book anywhere you’d like and read a segment or two.”
“Always make your future bigger than your past.”
“Your dream may be too big if you haven’t included anyone else in achieving it.”
“If you want more joy, give joy to others.”
“The fully spiritual life is the very process of creating, not accumulating; it’s being, not having.”

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