Should I risk taking a new job now?

A podcast listener asks:

Dan, I’ve made the mistake of staying in a job that was comfortable: good pay, close to home and seniority position. Now, I feel it’s too risky for me to start something new: I just adopted twins and I also have a 3 year old at home.  Would it be smarter to park here at the comfy job for a while or do I charge forward and accept a new offer? I work as a software programmer and the new opportunity sounds great to me, in terms of professional challenge.   On the other hand, I don’t want to be selfish and introduce the risk of a new job to my new family situation.


Why is the new job a risk if it’s a good match for you?  How is staying in your current job not risky?jump-for-joy

You are interviewing for your current job every single day – you are being evaluated in terms of whether you provide enough value to continue paying you.  My friend Rory Vaden says, “You don’t own success – you only rent it and the rent is due every day.”  The same is true with your job – any job.  You don’t own it – you only rent it and the rent is due every single day.  Moving to a new, exciting position is no “riskier” than staying in your current one.  

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