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Get the Full Background Story on Dan Miller, Dave Ramsey and More


I have a lot of folks ask about the details of my life — what brought me to this place of helping others find or create work that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable. You can gather a lot about my background and life growing up on a farm, my marriage to Joanne and our parenting and life choices as we raised our three children in my blogs and podcast. If sharing my story can help any of our listeners find their true passion, I am happy to be an open book.

Here are two resources that also might be helpful to you in discovery:

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Let the River RunLet The River Run

Many of you know that Dave Ramsey and I both started our businesses out of the nurturing environment of a supportive church. Dan Scott, now the senior pastor of Christ Church in Nashville, has compiled his notes and memories about that time in the church when there was an explosion of people who got a clear sense of their God-given talents and found creative ways to share those talents and generate income. We want this beautiful, 152-page book to inform and inspire you.

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living loving workimg

Living, Loving & Working

My wife Joanne and I have spent almost 50 years living, loving and working together. Breaking out of generational patterns of poverty and dysfunction, we decided from the day we met that life could be full, rich, and rewarding if the right principles were studied and applied. Here you’ll hear both Joanne and I tell the story of how decisions were made regarding education, raising happy children, and navigating the entrepreneurial world. It wasn’t always easy, but we have achieved meaningful family relationships and work — together.
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