Want to sell these profiles from your website?

You actually have two options for selling our 48 Days Profiles on your site. You can be an affiliate of ours—you just put a link to our site on yours and you get a 15% commission each month on purchases made through your click-throughs (click here for details on our affiliate program), or you can buy them from us and sell them yourself. This is definitely your most lucrative option and if you have a shopping cart system in place, is very simple!

You can purchase profiles in bulk here. You’ll see the many perks of purchasing the profiles in bulk on this page. Upon signing out, users land on Dan’s Step-by-Step application guide, which is an added bonus. However, as you can see from the purchase page, you can change the signout page to your own website if you want, update the logo on the profiles to be your own, and add in your own custom pages–all to personalize these profiles and create them for your own business needs.

If you have a shopping cart system already set up, adding these profiles is as simple as copying/pasting any of our sales copy or pictures of the profiles and creating a shopping cart link for them. When you purchase in bulk from us, you get access to a unique web address that is good for however many profiles you have at that time–they are one-time usage, so you may set up an autoresponder or email people after purchasing–whatever works for you. For in-depth questions on setting this up on your website, you need to talk with your web developer. If you need technical assistance in setting up your website and don’t have anyone, we recommend checking out our 48 Days Community – there are many developers on there that would be happy to help you out!

Another option we suggest–especially if you don’t have a shopping cart system set up on your site but you are a personal coach–is to just incorporate the profiles into a package–so when people pay for coaching, you have the profile included in the coaching package they receive.

Any additional questions? Email Us here.