“See” the opportunity

While registering his car in Miami, Louie Di Raimondo spotted a hot dog vendor and bought a dog. Then he saw a “For Sale” sign hanging on the cart. On impulse, he bought it for $1500 and set up his own business. But in his hurry to get up and running, Di Raimondo forgot to remove the “For Sale” sign. The first day, he sold more than 100 hot dogs, but what intrigued him the most was the number of people asking if they could buy his cart.

Today, Di Raimondo sells more than 4,000 carts a year out of a Miami showroom. He now has flower carts, pretzel carts, and coffee carts in addition to the original hot dog stands and generates more than $30 million annually in company sales.

Sometimes the opportunity is right in front of us — if we have our “eyes” open.

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