Remind me to…….

Last week I wrote a post on acting on our dreams.  Some readers commented that it’s easy to get distracted or forget about our goals – even after we’ve made the effort to create them.

I know how easily we can get caught up in just keeping up.  But writing down our goals is the first step to taking action.  Then you must keep those goals in front of you.  During my toughest times – and still today – I post my goals on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator and the sun visor in my car.  I have found that with those three critical locations I have constant reminders of what I thought was important – and the gentle nudging to take actions that lead to their fulfillment.

So remember.  If you want to memorize a scripture, learn a new word for the day or keep on track with a major goal, remind yourself in these 3 places and you’ll see new levels of success come into view:

  • Refrigerator
  • Bathroom Mirror
  • Sun Visor in Car

You can trick your brain into believing it’s already happening.

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