Pray with your legs

I begin by talking about – How much should we give away to help the less fortunate?

1. I appreciate my job and all it affords me but I want to work where my gifts will be used best. Not to mention, I do not know how much longer I will be able to be employed doing less and less work (I make a little more than 50k). I thought about being a social studies teacher or a social worker but the pay is a little more than half of what I make now. Also, I love design and decorating but what do I do with that?? I would hate to lose the almost eight years I have put towards a “federal” retirement, but something has got to give.

2. Do you have any helpful advice on how the mental aspect of a person relates to their ability to focus on a task in respect to industrial safety and what can be done to enable a person to mentally work through those difficult situations while at work?

3. By some measures, my wife of 25 years & I have a dream life. We have two loving, bright, and successful daughters and a supportive family. We have our health, a lovely home, and a combined 6-figure income. Our current jobs, especially my wife’s, are largely unrewarding other than the pay. Neither of us has a college degree, and both are fearful of making a major career change. We both feel we are trapped, and wearing “golden handcuffs”. I know there is a better way…a way that helps us to have meaning as well as an income. My wife is not so sure…she is at wits end. I purchased the 48 Days system, but can’t even get her to look at it. She is in a total victim state (I am not too far off of it myself), and I’ve been unsuccessful in helping her out of it.

4. Love your show. A recurring theme are Christians who seem paralyzed and unable to take action as they wait for God’s will or some kind of sign from God. I think I have been in this situation as well. I found this Frederick Douglass quotation very helpful. He of course was enslaved at the time.

“I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.”
Frederick Douglass

5. Hi Dan, my wife is 5 months pregnant and has quit working, due to some issues with back pain. She currently stays at home and is bored out of her mind! She wants to work, but thinks that no one will hire her because she is pregnant. Is this true? Her only work experience is in the fast food industry, and she feels this limits her opportunities. Are there any legitimate work at home opportunities here?

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