“Passion” or just another shiny object?

With interviews lining up around the release of Wisdom Meets Passion I am seeing some interesting trends. Most of the interviewers ask repeated questions about finding one’s passion.  That seems to be the exciting, intriguing question of the day.  And I think it reflects the fact that so many people don’t feel they have ever identified their “passion.”

Here are some tips Jared and I have developed in Wisdom Meets Passion:

  • Passion is not identified while sitting doing nothing.
  • Passion is typically not found while doing our normal routine.
  • Passion is found by being fully engaged in the game of life.
  • Passion is found while pushing, exploring, testing, and actively searching.

So let me ask you this: What is your life saying to the world?  Are you living your life too small? Is it so full of WMP - Dan & Jared
meaningless tasks that there’s no room left for discovering your passion – the things that make your heart sing? Are you pushing so hard in doing more that you’ve lost the sense of being more?

Reflect on last month. Yes, just this last month. What did you do to find or nurture your “passion?”

Can you identify:

  1. Three things that you did just to help someone out with no expectation of payback?
  2. The books you read or listened to that enlightened your spirit, confidence, knowledge, and wisdom?
  3. The number of hours you spent in quiet contemplation?
  4. Two or three things you did that you had never done before?
  5. The concerts, art exhibits, seminars, workshops, or other enriching experiences you had?
  6. Two or three specific things you did to strengthen the relationships that mean the most to you?

If you have no responses to these questions, chances are strong that you are still looking for your passion.

Passion is developed while engaged in things we were unsure of when we started – it is clarified and confirmed as we experience fulfillment and success in the activity.  Wisdom shows up as we seek to be involved in our passion in ways that extend our reach and legacy.

In the Preface to Wisdom Meets Passion I wrote:

Wisdom without passion can feel like having that BMW in the driveway with no gas in the tank. And passion without wisdom can appear as a tricked-out 1957 Chevy with no steering wheel. Wisdom Meets Passion will show you how to blend the two—equipping you to accomplish your greatest financial goals, experience the thrill of fulfilling relationships, create meaningful work, and complete your purpose and calling here on earth no matter which age group you represent.

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