Passion First, Paycheck Second

When it comes to careers, I see a lot of people get it backward.  They choose a career because they think they’ll make a lot of money in it.  Maybe they will; maybe they won’t.  But making money is never enough compensation for investing our time and energy.  There must be a sense of meaning, purpose and accomplishment.  I have seen countless dentists who just thought they could make a lot of money – and now are miserable at the life they have created.

Look first for a career that puts legs on your passion.  Do that and you’ll naturally excel because you love what you’re doing.  And in most cases, doing what you love with excellence, will cause money to show up in unexpected ways.   Ask my friends Scott Stearman why he moved into sculpting or Ron Baldwin why he left being a pastor to become a world-famous artist.

“Where the spirit does not works with the hand, there is no art.” — Da Vinci


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