“I think I’m having a heart attack!” (Bonus Episode About Overworking)


This is a bonus 48 Days Radio episode based on questions I had for Michael Hyatt.  

In this last year I’ve been on the receiving end of overworking. I compromised my health dreadfully and have spent a year rebuilding. Yes, I love my work – but overwork still leads to lack of success in other areas of life.

Here my good friend Michael Hyatt helps me understand the mistakes I made, using principles from his new book, Free to Focus.

Questions About Overworking: 

1. How did you break the cycle of overworking?

2. Many people are still working in businesses that are labor intensive. And they can rightfully say “I’m not really in control of my time.” What encouragement can you give them?

 3. What about the person who says: “My circumstances won’t allow it right now, but they’re only temporary.”

4. In the middle section of Free to Focus you talk about three things we can do to get more control over our time:

  1. Eliminate
  2. Automate
  3. Delegate

Give us a couple of tips in each of those areas to help us find time that allows us to breathe, play and connect while still accomplishing the very best we have to offer at work.


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Resource: https://freetofocusbook.com/ for book and bonuses

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