Only 11 more years of misery

1. Dan, I recently reviewed your 48 business ideas. I like the idea of providing a mobile tool sharpening service. I have the necessary knowledge and most of the tools. My biggest question is how to advertise. I’ve thought of Craigslist, newspaper etc. but I have no marketing knowledge.

2. I am 51, been with same company for 30 years, I have never liked my job. My pension from work will never amount to enough to really retire. Question, When should I retire? Should I put in 11 more years to reach maximum benefit or get out soon with less retirement money but more time to build another income?

3. I just finished reading an article on the decline of the middle class. I would be interested in hearing your comments on this article and whether or not your “No More Mondays” business/employment model is a solution to the decline of the middle class.

4. Dan, with all your good ideas I’m wondering – do you ever have any bad ideas?

5. I have an idea that I want to develop into a product for sale. My question is: When talking to prospective manufacturers, how do I protect my idea from being stolen?

6. Dan, I have passions, but they’re random. Answering the “If you could do anything” question gets answers ranging from finding classic cars for buyers, to singing, to becoming a mechanic, to acting, etc. Help!

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