Now I’m Broke and My Wife is Not Happy

Each week I create a new online radio podcast – answering a few of the many questions we receive. Here are some of this week’s questions you can hear discussed on Dan’s Online Radio Show.

I began this podcast with a 15 minute tirade about MLM companies.  Yes, they are a hot potato issue – lots of negatives and some positives — but the real issue is whether the business model is a fit for you.  Listen for my explanations about how to evaluate any business idea.

And then these questions:

1.  Yesterday, my boss pulled me into her office and asked if I really disliked my job. I didn’t realize I was showing how much I hate this job. I was given the option of searching for a job while I work for a month, but I feel like this is rather risky.

2.  I’m a women over 50…how do I get my foot in the door once they see my resume and deduct that I’m at least over 40 and possibly 50? I’m in shape, take care of myself and could sell myself better in person …’s just getting that initial interview!!!!  

3.  Dan I’m a 45 year old male with 15 of experience as a web/graphic designer. I bought your book and one of your courses, got fired up cashed in my 401k and left my corporate job. Six months later I’m broke and don’t have any money to pay my bills. My wife is not happy and this is not the first time I try to go on my own. Now I dread just getting a job.   

4.  I am a bank vice president with an MBA in finance and years of experience. I am interested in teaching finance/business classes online. What steps do I take?

5.  Is it ever ok to quit a job without having another one lined up? I started a new job recently and dislike it intensely but have little time off to interview.

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