Need to slow down today?

Apparently a lot of people do.  In 2011 Alex Tew introduced a “fun side project” called  When users clicked on the site, it immediately began a two-minute countdown while encouraging them to listen to the sounds of the waves – and do nothing.  If the mouse or keyboard is touched, a red FAIL message flashes and the timer resets.  In the first week, Business man laying on floor surrounded by office supplies.the site had over 2 million visitors.  Check it out – it’s a hoot.  See if you can do nothing for 2 minutes.

Knowing he hit a nerve, Tew just launched in May of this year and has turned it into a real business.  There’s a free introductory program (I just tried it out) but then you can pay $10 a year to access premium programs like positivity, creativity, energy, confidence and more.

From a business perspective we can observe a few of things:

  1. It’s not complicated
  2. It addresses a felt need
  3. It’s provides a service anywhere in the world – no language barrier
  4. It gives users a free or paid option

What if only a pitiful 3% of the 2 million initial users stepped up to the premium program at a chump change fee of $10 a year?   Oh – let’s see, that only $600,000.  And those people will brag about it and share it with their friends.

Success is usually less complicated than we think.  What idea are you sitting on today?

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