Naps are for sissies – oh really?

It’s 3:00 PM and I just woke up from my afternoon nap.  Yes, I know you probably think that’s just a luxury for old geezers – but, frankly, I’ve always enjoyed afternoon naps.  I’m an early riser and love to spend that first golden hour of the day on the treadmill listening to the wisdom of those I consider masters of achievement.

And then I’m prepped for thinking and writing on topics I’ve outlined at the beginning of the year.  I have lunch appointments at 11:30 with a variety of interesting people.  But by about 2:30 I’m ready to recharge – and for me that comes best not with a cup of coffee or a power drink, but with a brief relaxing nap.

According to the June 2011 issue of Success magazine, Winston Churchill said napping during the day was the only way he could cope with his responsibilities as British prime minister during World War II.  He wrote, “Nature had not intended mankind to work from 8 in the morning until midnight without the refreshment of blessed oblivion which, even if it only last 20 minutes, is sufficient to renew all the vital forces.”

Research continues to show that an afternoon nap restores energy more effectively than any artificial stimulant can and it also assists memory and creativity.

And after my 20 minutes I’m refreshed and am off to a book release party for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music with author Randy Rudder at the ASCAP complex in Nashville, then dinner with some visiting friends.  When others are nodding off I’m energized and coming up with new ideas.

How about you – have you had your nap today?  Or do you think naps are for sissies?


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