Are you “making a difference?”

It’s pretty common to have as part of one’s personal mission statement – to make a difference in the world.  That seems to be a given for anyone who has seriously though about God’s “calling” on their life.

So how are you making a difference in the world?  For many of us the best way to do that is to package the knowledge and advice that our own life experience has given us.

But how do you get paid for just sharing your advice.  Welcome to the world of Coaching – where we do just that.  With Coaching you can share your knowledge, experience and wisdom in ways that generate extraordinary income as well.

You have to know how to:

  • Position yourself as an expert on your topic
  • Package your ideas through websites, speeches, seminars and books – in addition to personal coaching
  • Promote your products and services through blogging, podcasting, and partnering with others
  • Price your services in ways that enhance your credibility – and bank account

How exciting would it be to share your message to make a difference – and also make an income?

Here’s a video I want you to watch.  Brendon Burchard is the author of The Millionaire Messenger – a book that I’ve read several times since its release a couple months ago.

In this free video with Brendon he’ll share:  Brendon Burchard video

  • 10 essentials that will help you build an “expert” brand
  • 3 ways to position yourself as a high-value, highly-paid expert
  • 4 products that add to a million-dollars in 12 months

Our Coaching Mastery Program may just be your opportunity to launch your own Coaching business.  You’ll get live interaction with other experts in the field, open Q&A, Full 6-hour online Coaching 101 Program to qualify you to be an Endorsed 48 Days Coach, and hours of learning how to leverage and market your business to make a profit.  Learn more…

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