I just completed a blitz of traveling and speaking with the release of Wisdom Meets Passion.  On December 15th Joanne and I leave yet again for our annual trip to Chicago.

I’m pumped about what 2013 is going to bring and am eager to engage with a few of you to make sure you have the same excitement and anticipation.

I’m offering a brand new Coaching Option we’re calling Living the Dream in 2013

I will select 13 people to work with individually in an intensive process to be completed between November 15th and December 15th.*

This includes:

  2 Two-Hour Discovery and Strategy sessions to clarify:

  • Passion – WHAT puts you in the “zone?”  What makes your heart sing?
  • Purpose – WHY will the world be a better place if you accomplish your goals?
  • Plan – HOW will focused action in 7 areas of your life allow you to win in 2013?
  • (Sessions can take place at the Sanctuary in Franklin, TN or via telephone)
  • Application Review – November 10th – 17th
  • Engagement timeline for session completion – November 15th – December 15th

Momentum Call – January 15th   Introduction and sharing with others in the group

Celebration Call – March 15th with Dan & Joanne and group members

  • Your success story will be considered for highlighting as Member of the Week in the 12,000 member 48Days.net community.

Because of my writing and speaking commitments, for the past five years I have only selected 1-2 people a month, and they have only had two options:

  • Option 1 – Personal Excellence – Overall Life Planning process ($15,000 minimum)
  • Option 2 – The Eagle’s Club – Identifying Success ($4500)

And now for this window of opportunity – November 15th – December 15th

Living the Dream – $2013

Initial Resources Include:

*Additional resources may be added for your individualized plan.  Total package is $2013.

What’s it take?

Your dedication, intuition, motivation, teachability and action.

Take 4 minutes now to complete the brief form for my review – I’ll respond within 48 Hours to inform you of your inclusion in this select group of 13 rising high achievers.

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